‘I almost took her eye out’: Gerard Butler sent Hilary Swank to hospital during filming of ‘PS I Love You’

Apparently, the actor almost took out co-star Hilary Swank’s eye out in one of the scenes.

In the 2007 rom com, Butler plays Swank’s on-screen husband, Gerry, who leaves her letters after he dies.

Butler recalled the moment from the scene where he dances around in Irish themed boxers and braces.

“I literally shot that scene for like a day and a half and I had to dance like an idiot in the suspenders,” he told Barrymore.

The actor explained how he had to get the crocodile clip attached to him to ping off his boxers.

“The camera people had these plastic fronts to protect themselves from this crocodile [clip]because it was so dangerous,” he said.

“I had to ping it so it would go past my face,” he said “This time I’m crawling towards the bed, it gets stuck, it releases – boom – flies over my head and hits her in the head.”