The Rick and Morty voice actor Justin Roiland is accused of domestic violence.

Justin Roiland, voice of Rick and Morty, faces domestic assault charges

Justin Roiland Accused of Domestic Violence Charges: “Rick and Morty,” animated series co-creator Justin Roiland alleged domestic violence in Orange County, California connected to the 2020 complaint which is filed by the Orange County District Attorney. On Thursday, he presented to the court for a pre-trial hearing.

The case should be closed here given that he stated in 2020 that he did not feel guilty and that his client is not a criminal. Attorney T. Edward Welbourn stated, “We look forward to clearing Justin’s name and assisting him in moving forward as quickly as possible. A “protection order filed in October 2020 and published in the court minutes says Roiland is not to harass, intimidate, or monitor the person specified in the protective order,” according to the news channel.

Two complaints were made against Justin, one of which was for domestic abuse that resulted in some physical harm, according to our research. Another is for violent crimes, false imprisonment, and other inhumane acts. The accusation was brought in 2020 against Jane Doe, Justin’s ex-girlfriend.

According to Orange County Superior Court reports, he consistently shows up for more than 12 sessions, including the pre-trial hearing, and never feels bad about it. A trial date has not yet been set, though. Video evidence, police records, investigative details, and other sensitive material are all still secret. Even his warrant for his arrest is closed.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 27 following his pre-trial hearing. Roiland, who co-created “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim, is more known. In September 2022, its sixth season was made available. The seventh of its seventy-episode instalments will air on Cartoon Network. In a brand-new series with Dam Harmon, Roiland also lends his voice to two characters.

After three years of domestic litigation, his career took off when he launched an NFT art collection worth over $1.65 million in 2021. In 2022, again with his Paradigm Ventures, he launched his next collection of NFTs titled His Art Gobblers.

Auctioned his first painting through Sotheby’s. He also voiced the Hulu series Solar Opposites, which aired in 2020 and premiered with its fifth season in 2022. High on Life is also a video game developed by his studio Squanch Games in 2022.