Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro also Facing Floods

Flooding has occurred in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro, and Kosovo.

Flooding has occurred in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro, and Kosovo.

According to the authorities, a portion of the town of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo has been flooded, necessitating the evacuation of 120 families. In the town of Skenderaj, where a state of emergency was declared, streets were flooded, stranding vehicles. Vushtrria, Peja, and Decan were also reported to be under water by local media. In a number of places, including the capital, Pristina, the supply of drinking water has been disrupted.

“As a result of the rain during the last few days, especially in the western, northwestern, and northern parts of Kosovo, some rivers have presented rapid floods, which may have caused difficulties and problems, such as landslides, blockage of sewers, and traffic difficulties, as well as flooding of agricultural lands,” stated the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo.

People in Flooding using boat to commute due to heavy flood

In Albania, wide areas of agricultural land were underwater in Shkodër County. The Ministry of Defence, which is in charge of Albania’s civil protection, said the Buna river flooded around 275 hectares of farmland in Muriqan and Oblikë. Landslides in the country have caused traffic problems. Local media also reported flooding blocked roads in parts of the Lezhë district.

In northern Montenegro, rivers overflowed due to heavy rain, resulting in landslides. The Federal Administration of Civil Protection reported no major incidents as of January 19 despite the high river levels in Bosnia.