Ivana Trump left nothing to Donald Trump in her will, but she did give her former nanny a $1 million condo.

Ivana and Donald Trump

Ivana Trump left her $34 million estate to her children, friends, and charity following her death in July 2022.

Everything she valued in her life was meticulously listed in her will: her dog, clothes, and multimillion-dollar properties, whereas her most famous ex-husband, former President Donald Trump, received nothing. She left cherished possessions to a former nanny and her most recent ex-husband.

Insider reviewed probate records and discovered that Ivana Trump left her children the majority of her personal property, including her jewelry and any proceeds from the sale of her fur collection: Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army, the charities mentioned in the probate records, received her remaining clothing.

Ivana Trump’s children and Donald Trump were given control of her multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio, which included an Upper East Side townhouse, a property in France, and a property in the Czech Republic.

The socialite and businesswoman left Dorothy Curry, her friend and former nanny, a Florida condo with an estimated value of $1,148,407, according to Redfin.

Curry was also left to care for Tiger Trump, Ivana Trump’s surviving Yorkshire terrier, and became a lifelong friend of the Trump family after working as a nanny for the children. Curry made a reference to Ivana Trump’s feelings of isolation and pain during her funeral in July of last year.

Notably, despite their reconciliation and her burial on the grounds of one of his golf clubs, she left nothing to Donald Trump in her will. In 1990, the couple finalized their divorce.

Ivana Trump married twice more before she died at the age of 73. Rossano Rubicondi, her most recent ex-husband, passed away in 2021, but in her 2019 will, she planned to leave him a property in St. Tropez, France.

According to Page Six, the couple had an on-and-off relationship and got married in 2008 before getting divorced in 2009 and reconciling shortly after. According to reports, they continued to casually date until 2019.

The execution of Ivana’s final wishes was completed late last year, according to probate records in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where Ivana claimed permanent residence despite living in New York part-time.

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