House GOP lays groundwork for Mayorkas impeachment as moderates balk

House GOP lays groundwork for Mayorkas impeachment

As they consider launching rare impeachment proceedings against a Cabinet secretary, senior House Republicans are quickly building a case against Alejandro Mayorkas, a plan that could provoke strong opposition from GOP moderates.

Republicans believe that hearings on the issues at the southern border could set the stage for an impeachment investigation into Mayorkas. Already, key committee chairmen are getting ready to hold these hearings. Oversight, Homeland Security, and Judiciary are the three House committees that will soon hold hearings on the influx of migrants and border security concerns.

According to a GOP source who is directly familiar with the situation, the House Judiciary Committee, which would have jurisdiction over an impeachment resolution, is prepared to proceed with formal proceedings if there appears to be a consensus within the GOP conference. Already, House Republicans’ first impeachment resolution has garnered support, including from a member of the GOP leadership team.

The first Judiciary Committee hearing on the border, according to a GOP source, could take place later this month or early February.

A sign that the idea of impeaching Cabinet secretary Joe Biden has moved from the fringes of the conference to the mainstream is that one of the top chairman has already expressed support for the move.

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