China: Five dead after man drives into crowd in Guangzhou

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China: Five dead after man drives into crowd in Guangzhou

China: Five dead after man drives into crowd in Guangzhou. A guy who rammed his car into pedestrians in Guangzhou, killing five people and wounding 13, has been detained by Chinese authorities.

Widespread public outcry over the incident has led many to accuse the man of purposefully picking on others.

Soon after the collision, the driver is seen in videos broadcast online stepping out of the vehicle and flinging bills into the air.

The 22-year-old guy is being held by police, who have also opened an inquiry.

In the southern city of 19 million people, the accident happened on Wednesday during the evening rush hour at a busy intersection.

“He intentionally ran into the people standing in line for the light. He intentionally smashed the car into them. He then turned around and struck individuals once more “a witness reportedly told Hongxin News in the area.

Although he wasn’t moving too fast, some individuals couldn’t escape in time because they wouldn’t have known he was intentionally hitting them.

A traffic police officer and his motorcycle were apparently also struck by the man’s vehicle, but the officer was able to flee.

In one widely shared video, a small girl is seen lying on the ground at the scene of the assault, and a woman who is reportedly her mother can be seen sobbing at her side.

On Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, another witness detailed the mayhem of the aftermath.