China Covid: Celebrity deaths spark fears

Opera singer Chu Lanlan died in December aged 40

China Covid: Celebrity deaths spark fears. People are questioning the official Covid death toll as a result of the rising number of public figures’ deaths in China.

Given how young she was, the 40-year-old opera singer Chu Lanlan’s death last month shocked many.

Although they did not provide any specifics regarding the cause of her death, her family expressed their sadness at her “abrupt departure.”

Since China ended its zero-Covid policy in December, there has been a significant increase in infections and deaths.

Hospitals and crematoria have been reported to be overwhelmed.

However, the nation has ceased publishing daily cases data and has only reported 22 Covid deaths since December based on its own stringent criteria.

At this time, only deaths from respiratory illnesses like pneumonia are taken into account.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning on Wednesday that China was under-representing the true impact of Covid on the nation, particularly in terms of deaths.