Party atmosphere turns quiet after space launch goes wrong – but crowd remains proud

Party atmosphere turns quiet after space launch goes wrong – but crowd remains proud. In the months leading up to this mission, Virgin Orbit and those in charge of Spaceport Cornwall have frequently recited, “Space is hard,” and last night demonstrated that point.

People’s Proud Reaction despite space launch goes wrong

A raucous party atmosphere quickly subsided as an American Virgin Orbit presenter announced on the airport’s big screen that something had gone wrong.

However, despite the “anomaly” that occurred at the last minute, the thousands of deckchair-waving passengers who were slowly leaving the airport remained proud.

A woman told , “It was a little disappointing, but it’s been a great evening.”

“We actually work at the airport, so it’s been fantastic for us to see our little airport being shown to the world. It’s a first for Cornwall.

“We’re a tiny little airport, so to put us on the map around the world has been absolutely brilliant. It’s been a big deal for Cornwall as well as the airport.

“It’s been a good night, and I hope take two happens!”

Her daughter remarked, Seeing so many people show up has been great. It’s been good because it was nice to see takeoff. We shouldn’t be too disappointed, in my opinion. It feels good to back Cornwall.

About 2,000 people had been able to get tickets to watch the launch, and the crowd had a festival vibe despite the cold weather.

“It couldn’t be missed, could it?” advertisement Together with his four sons, Ben told me. I’m so happy about it; it’s amazing.

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